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With Alan in Amarillo, TX

To catch up on my posts... I am reall sorry for the delay!



Jun 3 I took an early flight to Amarilo, TX through Denver. Alan and his wife already waited for me at the airport and we took a drive to Canyon. The studio was in a local community center, where I met an amazing makeup artist Kim Wood . We created quite fascinating set of looks with untraditionally for me, sleeked hair. I was really happy I got to shoot with Alan again. His style is so flawless and the light he uses is very flattering.

After our shooting spree we went out for a coffee and then for a dinner in Cracker Barrel. I got a nice late night breakfast :),  and then they deposited me in a beautiful hotel, where I had a time to relax in a hot bath after a long long day and get ready for my morning flight home.

In the morning I was stil hunting for my souvenir magnet, but it was impossible to get any in the little Canyon where we shot so I had to get one in Amarillo later. On my way to the airport Alan was so nice to take me for a little sightseeing and I had a pleasure of marking one of the famous Cadillacs :). The flight home went quite smooth.







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