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...Unbelievably there is new year coming AGAIN and with it my calendars. For those who didn't get a chance to get last year edition I decided to run the same design, in two versions...

colorful Glam and black and white Art nudes.


This year calendars are dedicated to the great Canadian photographer Jim Devonshire.

These are in full color/ B&W, 25x38 cm (9.8"x15"), 13 beautiful large pages! Plus you can get your copy signed by me! $24 USD + shipping

Each page is professionaly printed on high quallity Fujifilm Crystal Archiv photo paper, so you can get double use of it and frame them later...

Grab yours while the supplies last!

Inquire HERE. Paypal payments accepted.

Yours Brenda

Great meeting David again!

OCT 09 / 2017


I was lucky and happy to meet David Brazier again in Prague. I helped to book a Star Studio, that I grew quite fond of in the past couple of years and we shot for half a day, which ran away before we knew it. We managed to do only 4 sets, but they came out so cool, that we decided to submit them to some magazines. So unfortunately there will be no samples in meantime :(.


I can only post some snapshot from between the shooting...


...and some teaser fooling around with pillows :)



FEB / 2017

...And they are back. My calendars have returned, in a LIMITED edition of 50 pieces only, but in two versions...

colorful Glam and black and white Art nudes.


This year calendars are dedicated to the great Canadian photographer Jim Devonshire.

These are in full color/ B&W, 25x38cm, 13 beautiful large pages, some with yet unpublished photographs! Plus you can get your copy signed by me! $16.99 USD + shipping

Grab yours while the supplies last! I know it is February already but, hey, I believe they won't be kept just for one year.

Inquire HERE. Paypal payments accepted.

Yours Brenda

Shooting with Brad the Genius

JAN 20 / 2017


I had a great opportunity to meet with Brad Hochberg, creative director, visiting Prague for work related to the new american TV series called Genius.


After Brad was done with his duties, he filled his free time with sightseeing and some time with Brendaseeing and shooting :). He brought a whole collection of all kinds of cameras and lenses, including some rare collectors pieces, so we had what to do for half a day :) And I don't even know if we tried them all. We had a cool time exploring and experimenting with differnet setups and effects. The apartment was one of the best in Prague, decorated with attention to detail, offering many attractive sets.


When we were done shooting, the day was clear though very cold, we went for a short walk and a nice Czech lunch.

I can't really wait to see what artful pieces Brad comes up with and shares with me. Looking forward to show you!


Here is one of the firsts...




A Short Horror Clip

JAN 10 / 2017


It was a very bad winter this year... some days even -20C. Today was maybe 10 below freezing. And I agreed to have a little side role in a short horror movie/clip. I was to be a sexy ghost secretary :) I was brought to the set at 6PM, because the shoot was taking place outside the city in an abandoned research institute during the night. When I arrived it was already getting dark and the place looked quite menacing. This 3-story building with a total maze of various rooms and crooked hallways was full of stuff left behind like when you evaporate all the employees at once, and leave everything intact for 10 years. Layers of dust, open books and papers on the desks, coats on the hangers, dusty Christmas ornaments hanging on a dead tree. Calendars everywhere stopped in December 2008. Overturned cabinets, broken glass and the mess were probably caused by the occasional uninvited visitors.


The electricity was flickering in the dark long coridors, tiled in pink tile. One couldn't stop thinking what could have been going on here... what was the research? Some tiled rooms with glass walls looked really creepy... The freezing breeze was moving through. I was getting cold already, so I went to find the source and peeked through several doors. One opened to a crazy little room with a brick wall and a huge hole in it, a fireplace? I closed the door quickly tight so the wind couldn't get past this room and went back to find our retreat... the only heated place in this building was a walk in freezer.. great idea guys. It was well insulated so turning on a little spaceheater inside worked miracles. As the temperature in the building was about 5 degrees above freezing (which I think was highly overestimated) everyone was looking for this retreat every possible moment.



The catering was setup very conveniently on top of the dangerous waste disposal freezer (who knows what was once stored in there...) but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying all kinds of treats and snacks. The crew consisted of cameraman and his assistant, sound girl and her assistant, director, clap, two prop guys, two male actors and me.




My first shot was scheduled at 9PM, but as is with all moviemaking everyhing got delayed and I had to wait till 11PM to make my first appearance as a ghost. I was playing a secretary in a white shirt and a black miniskirt... had to take of my coat shortly before the camera started rolling and then jump back in it right after the first take. It was literally freezing. We did several takes in these trying conditions, untill I got the right skincolor for a ghost and when the result was satisfactory I ran back into our warm retreat.



I am sorry I couldn't have enjoyed more of the action, but the cold took me off guard and probably combined with tiredness pretty immobilized me. My next shot was supposed to be at 1AM but it moved over to 4AM. By that time I was pretty done :) I was a walking zombie. Standing in a moonlit room, flipping through some paperwork, waiting for a male guard to come by. One spaceheater on in front of me, one behind me :) trying to thaw me... Due to the time pressure we had to ommit my last shot, which I think is missing in the short movie, but there was no more time in the night left. We had to be done and out by 6AM...


Here is the link to the final cut.

Bodypainting for ISUZU

NOV / 2016

It was fun to work with Detlef Potch again. He had to really really try to convince me to get naked in November :) but he did and fortunately everything went well. Even better than expected. The exhibit center was surprisingly nicely heated and we had a great time showing off the brand. Pictures by great Martina Wiesner.

Detlef did as usually a top class work, paying attention to every detail... and to my little requests like long sleves so I would be warmer.



After the painting was done, we did some real work like gave away some donuts, ate some, dirtied up some busses.. and some suits... :)


...and of course walked around the exhibit taking pictures with everyone and everything around :) FUN day as always. Thank you!


First time in Dresden

JUNE / 2016


...was my big Dresden tour. On this trip I visited mainly Dresden for the first time in my life and was impressed by this gorgous historical city. City witch such painful history. Staying right in the center I used all my free time to walk around taking pictures of the sights. The weather was quite rainy but it made the pictures only more dramatic and interesting.



After few days spent here we continued by car to explore the beauty of Saxon Switzerland. Of course I couldn't miss such an opportunity!! In Hohnstein we caught this fantastic fog pouring through the valey, just waiting for count Dracula to appear. We climbed up to Koningstein, exploring this huge fortress high on the mountain. We walked across the Bastei bridge. This super old stone structure up in the rocks with leftover ancient fortress.




And on the Czech side of the park I got rained on in Hřensko :) we caught about 3 hour window in a rainstorm just in time to climbe up to see Pravčická brána, natural stone bridge. We took a hike in Jetřichovice, but this time we got chased by heavy rain in the middle of the climb... Absolutely magical area. Kind of forgotten land with historical buildings of which many are nicely restored and many are showing a big dent of time, deserted and left as they were dozens years ago. All set in a wild landscape of woods, rocsk and meadows. WOW I hope I will get there again.






On the way to Prague we also stopped to see our famous Panská skála (rock formation) that appeared in several movies and ferytales. And right after the return to Prague I got an opportunity to shoot together with Anetta and Dominika the "Three Gracies" shot. Which I think came out just LOVELY!



Reunited with Michael Thomas


One dat I got an email from Michael telling me, that Czech is his newest trip destination. And he would like to plan some fun creatve shoot. I can do that!


We booked one of my favorite studios in Prague, the Star Studio for half a day so we wouldn't be pressured and we met there "eary" in the morning. Everything before 10Am is early for me :)


We used some of the local props and acessories and created some retro and playful looks. After the shoot we got together with Dan Hostettler for a delicious lunch. And spent a nice time discussing photography and traveling, two most fun themes.


Michael sent me some samples shortly after he got home from his trip. He did pretty good job editing in his very distinguishing style. Here you can see some!





Last Minute Shoot with David

JAN / 2016

Scheduled at the last minute and executed at the last minute. I arrived to Prague just 15 minutes before the shoot and still made it in time :)


We were free to experiment and with David we made several sets of amazing pictures getting the best and beyond in spite of the trying conditions.


I was excited to see the results. And they were definitely worth it! See for yourself. (more in portfolio 2016)


First model shoot for Mike!

DEC 15 / 2015


Mike Murat, an acomplished documentary and scenery photographer, decided to try his first photoshoot with a model using me! We found a very nice studio in Prague and booked it for almost half a day. We got a nice selection of setups, a whole range of lighting equipment and much more.


Mike did a great job using natural light and artfuly capturing my poses. So well, that some pictures got accepted into galleries on LFI (Leica Fotographie International)!


in Beauty and Fashion Gallery

as well as Nudes/Sensual Art Gallery.


What a sucessful photoshoot! :) Thank you Mike!!


AUG21 - SEP14

Truck Grand Prix in Nurburgring 2015

JUN26 - JUN29

I was asked to promote Tankpool24 team at the 30th anniversary Truck Grand Prix Race in Nurburgring in Germany this year. I got to be a body painted model again! :) Some people wear heavy promo suites... I prefer skin tight ;)

With Detlef's sense of humor the long drive from Prague passed by in no-time. We arrived on Friday evening, dropped off some tools at the ring and went to our hotel, which was another 20km drive away in a beautiful Daun town. After such long drive everyone needed some shower and relax time.

Saturday morning was an early wakeup call. Got all ready and prettied up, and after some quick breakfast and few logistic hitches we got to the racetrack at almost 10AM and missed the first race! I was the first one being painted, getting interviewed, fed and pampered back in the garage bay.

I was ready in record two hours and while Detlef, our awesome painter, painted the second model Bara, I got to walk all around the grounds with my young guardian Dety, promoting the team and getting photographed on every step. Since Bara was not done yet I had to go to the second race start alone just with two hostesses. I was not really mad since I got the undivided attention at the whole racetrack :)

Afterwards we got to walk around the grounds with Bara for the rest of the day, having fun and looking pretty. Can there be a better job? We felt like the main attraction and our sponsors seemed very happy.

Working HARD till 6PM I was so tired and hurt I could barely walk. So I was more than pleasantly surprised when the racer Roland, I was promoting, negotiated a very special massage in their "Chirotractor" van for me. I got to lay in their waterbed massage machine with music, aromatherapy, extra oxygen and collagen supply for 15 minutes... getting so high I almost fell on my face flying out of there haha. Afterwards we got hand-washed together with the team trucks ;).

In the evening we were back to the race grounds for more socializing and mingling. We watched the big fireworks and made friends with the other teams.

Sunday morning was even earlier wakeup call... and with special entry permit for our car we were able to start painting at 7:30AM! Bara was the first one today so I grabbed a coffee, little snack from our catering and Dety and went for a "tourist" walk all over the grounds playing tourists.

By the time I got painted it was just the right time for the first race of the day to start.

Amazing event... Exciting feeling walking on a grid right before the race and half naked on top of it? We stirred the grounds feeling perfectly decent in our painted race suits and left with the crowd right before the start.

Spent fun time between the races, walking around and watching people.

And returned to the grid for a second start in the afternoon.

We got to watch the last race from a very good spot running back and forth barefoot... always make sure you are not forced to borrow small shoes... by the time we got in our race stall half of the stuff was already packed up and most people "left the building". Since we didn't have any other help we washed each other in a shower back in the hotel
"no picture documentation :)"

...and went for a delicious dinner in the Italian restaurant in Daun.

Monday was a day off... since we were all the way in Vulkaneifel, we decided to visit some of the very unique volcanic maar lakes in the natural preserve.

We stopped by the castle which was as every Monday closed :( and continued to pay a very special visit to the famous drag-race driver Gerd Habermann. Who was so nice as to show us all of his one of a kind race vehicles from the fastest american school buss, Jet Car "Dragon Hunter", Jet Bike all the way to the bike prototype with a real NASA rocket engine in it!! I got to sit in few rare pieces myself.

And then was time to say good by and finish our drive home.

I love Paris in the spring time! 2015


Interview for Blog+

MAR 8 - 2015

I was invited by Dan Hostettler for an interview for his new website Touching on modeling subject, revealing few tips, insights and personal stories in a fun enjoyable way.

You can also see the blog post with some special pictures at Blog+

The whole interview is here... Thank you for watching! :)



First time in Poland 2015

FEB17 - FEB24

Back in Prague

OCT23 2014

NOV2 - NOV8 2014

JAN11 2015

Barum Rally Zlin 2014

AUG28 - AUG31

Trip of the year to Ireland! 2014

JUN9 - JUN28

Roadtripping to Hvar in Croatia 2014

MAY19 - MAY25

Fascinating Rothenburg ob der Tauber 2014


In Prague with Jim 2014



NOV7 - NOV22

Arizona Shootout


NOV20 - NOV22

Visiting Roswell

T. A. Tour II. California

Los Angeles


And back to the airport on AUG 23. Sitting next to my new fan :) going to LA! I decided to rent a car, what a silliness to do in LA, but I didn't get a lift for two of my shoots...well. After getting through all of the formalities, commotions and traffic I got to the awesome restaurant up at Van Nuys Airport 94th Aero Squadron around 10PM. Meeting witm my friend photographer Paul for a great dinner. I was lucky, they were nice enough to let me order so late, because by the time I arrived the kitchen was closing down. 

And then looking for my Base in the middle of the night in a completely new city was an adventure too. But I made it, and arrived around 1:30 AM on the doorstep of my host up in Burbank area.


Saturday 24th was my first LA shoot, in the morning on the opposite side of the city in Riverside. Shooting with KDBron and Neal Hayden in a gorgeous villa. We had such fun that it was hard to quit in the afternoon, but our host had to leave and as it showed up, he took me for a ride with him. So I ended up going all the way to Laguna Beach for a beach shoot with Rey Sison where we met with another model and David Falk from Canada I was trying to schedule a shoot for the past two years. What a coincidence!! I was excited to shoot on the beach... oh was I disappointed. The sky was gray, the fog was almost reaching the ground and it was COLD COLD COLD! But we had fun nevertheless and made some amazing shots. By the time we got back to Rey's house and I drove back to my Base it was way after midnight again.





The next day AUG 25 I didn't have to drive, luckily. I was picked up and driven all the way to Joshua Tree NP. What a road trip! Me and another model were having a workshop or more like a group shoot. It was organized by EG Photography Of course the weather was teasing me again. When we reached the first beautiful boulder valley the strong cold wind started bringing in black heavy clouds. Very dramatic background for shooting though :)


When we got to our second location... pile of the boulders that formed almost a cave it was raining. Cold and rain was the worst possible conditions for my recently passed bad flu... I was shivering but I tried my best to stay professional.

The last location of the day was a desert with few boulders sticking up... We were even lucky enough we got a gorgeous sunset with a rainbow. But my self control started slipping as I was getting seriously cold and blue. Didn't get much opportunity to warm up. So towards the end I resigned and was shooting in my sweater or dress :) It was not worth it to get sick again.

On Monday 26th Jimmy Thomas the owner of RNC picked me up and took me for his shoot. It was a great experience. Maybe little typical for the fast pace of the big city. I can only hope that in such rushed hi strung environment, listening to all the details and directions I was looking relaxed and romantic in the arms of total stranger :) I can't wait to see some sample!! Jimmy was nice enough to take me for a quick dinner and brought me back to my place. This time just before I turned into a pumpkin.


My next shoot was on 28th and I drove for it all the way down to Newport Beach. After a close to 2-hour drive I got to my destination even ahead of time and met with Napoleon. Since I was staying at his place overnight to have it closer to the airport in the morning we took it slow. We went for a dinner, did some sight seeing of the beautiful complex with the bay view and then shot for few hours.


In the morning I had to leave early to return my car and catch my plane on time back to Phoenix.


T. A. Tour II. Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ


By the 14 AUG 2013 I am on the plane again :) Going to Phoenix! Watching movies one after another :) I love Delta movie library. Thoug they need to get rid of some glitches.


The next day 15 AUG I am getting seriously sick... must have caught some bug on the plane as usualy. My first two day shoot got unfortunately canceled but now I am happy. There is no way I could have shot with such a fever. Days go by but the fever is not going away :(... Even with dayquill and all kinds of other meds. I feel like dying.


When AUG 19 comes I really have to shoot. Luckily it is in the evening so I can still sleep all day and try to get over my fever. And it works. I'm finally starting to feel better in the afternoon. I am shooting with Tango Photo, cool retro 70's stuff in the evening.



By 20 AUG my flu is finally breaking. My fever is still there but not so high. Shooting right in the morning with 4U Photography and trying to look sexy :) I think I made it!




Next day I am shooting with Rockett again! He makes such an art I can't wait to see the pictures. All WW2 era.

My Thursday photographer Ron Jobe had an accident and hurt his arm so another cancelation. Hope we get to shoot next time!

I have couple more days to get up in shape for my California trip... topless suntanning, swimming in body temperature water, love Phoenix weather :)

Prague a Shooting Paradise

29 Jul 2013

I headed for Prague airport to meet my very successful photographer and friend John Foley. He arrived at least and last :) I was almost wondering if he missed the connection, because all of the other passangers and planes alredy left.  And after the happy reunion we left to our first destinnation.


We stopped in front of the Radisson Blu Alcron and went for the check in. We got greeted very nicely and the receptionist started apologizing almost immediately that our requested room with the balcony is not ready yet. Hmmm... room with balcony? OK :) We never mentioned we never requested such a benefit. So we just played our parts and decided to do some sightseening in meantime. We got almost unexpectedly drenched with a massive storm and ran back in the hotel. Our suite was already prepared, at the very top of the hotel right in the middle above the sign. Wow, even better than presidential suite! After closing our mouths we went for a delicious dinner at hotel's bar.


Roof walker across the street from our hotel


30 Jul 2013

We slept in a little. Took a taxi up to the beautiful Prague Castle, walked through the gardens and did some scouting for the shooting locations. There were endless corners and sights to pick from! Then we walked down the ancient stairs down to the city, crossed the beautiful Charles Bridge, passed the famous old Astronomical Clock, went up the Vaclav Square back to our hotel. 

Did some sexy latex shoot in the evening and went back to the bar. What a life of a model :)




31 Jul 2013 - Pink Day

After sleeping in and nice continental breakfast we went straight into a shooting mode. 

We started with the beautiful pink dress. John even talked the management of the hotel into offering us a presidential suite for couple hours of shoot... of course gratis... Amazing. And ton top of it  we found out that our suite is much nicer, just a bit smaller :)

Then we did some street and night shooting and in the evening we celebrated our successful day with a delicious drink.


Brenda Kucerova   Brenda Kucerova   Brenda Kucerova


1 Aug 2013 - Prague Castle Day

A big outdoor shooting trip at the Castle. Since we already scouted the area we knew exactly where to go and as expected there was nobody around. We picked this secluded place in the gardens, where you have to take plenty of stairs going down... that's why there was nobody there haha.

It was such a beautiful sunny hot day... the original idea was to shoot in latex, but I think I would be cooked by now.




To bring a little variety into the stay we moved to another hotel in the afternoon. This time we got our taxi to take us to hotel Boscolo.


We arrived a bit early again, and as we walked into the lobby I immediately knew I was out of place. The front desk resembled more of a beautiful decorated antiquity and everybody was fussing around us. When we started getting bunch of apologies and vouchers we got suspicious but when we learned that the hotel overbooked and we had to be "unfortunately" upgraded into a presidential suite we were speechless. They needed couple more hours to prepare the rooms so we just went for a walk and explored their spa. Amazing complex in the former cellars under the hotel. The water was exactly my :)


John wanted me to shoot latex around the hotel. The outfit was very elegant and beautiful, but I just couldn't make myself to go public at such hi-class place. So after booking into our suite I took pictures of everything, then we stopped for a royal dinner and then I fell asleep. I guess John would be pretty angry if he missed this shoot :). So I woke up around 1AM, put on nice makeup, did my hair, dressed in my outfit and went to quietly wake him up. He almost jumped up :D




We shot all around the hotel, at this hour it was deserted. I had my first cigar of my life in a cigar bar.. not bad :), we even got down into the eerie spa corridor, where we were surprised by a guard. It was enough to say we are in the room 107... amazing what a number can do ;). I think it was around 4AM when we returned to our suite and went to our beds.


2 Aug 2013

I had a day off. Went to meet with my BF at the train station, impressed him with our suite... They even gave us extra bed for him as a hotel courtesy. I had no idea how rich people get treated. No wonder... they get half off everything lol.

Then we went to do little sightseeing and had a wonderful lunch in a beautiful caffe, where I fell in love with a painting on the wall. Really fell in love. It was by Abbie Puskailer.

In the afternoon I did a lovely shoot in a suite jacuzzi and after a "pizza" dinner went to sleep in a 5 star hotel :)


3 Aug 2013

John was shooting with another model in the morning and when she left we went for one experimental shoot. We collaborated on the outfit and styling, I did a fitting makeup and we used our hotel stay all the way with an overtime :)

But at last we had to leave... And finish our fairytale stay.

Of course we had to stop for lunch, so we took John into the Caffe we discovered a day earlier. The food was delicious and afterward I couldn't stop myself and bought my favorite painting!! Which I used later as an inspiration for this shoot... Makeup and hair by me :)





Wednesday 4.24.


I am so sorry I couldn't be there in person, I hope you were!! But I've heard the art show at Martini Ranch in Phoenix was a great success last night! Thanks to the photographer Mike Squire my pictures were a strong feature of the night and attracted lot of attention, hopefully future business too :)

Thank you Mike!!!



Transatlantic Tour I. 2013

I have to apologize for the total lack of posts, oh geez for the past 6 months?!?! 

Well I have started this year with a promo shoot for AISE energetic company in Czech, becoming a nonexclusive company face. Quite nice entry into the new year :)


Anyway I just started my first transatlantic tour of this year. Arrived to Phoenix on FEB 27th in the evening and went straight to bed. Woke up around noon, had a soup and went back to bed :) After sleeping off the jet lag I was very excited to start shooting.

The first shoot with John Foley ... Mad Hatter of Wonderland... was A LOT of fun and I got a free hand in playing with my makeup and hairstyling, yeay! Next shoot Walking invisible Spot was just hilarious, people and cars tripping over each other trying to see what's going on  :)



And the B&Ws in the studio came out quite cool as well!!!

The project with my tattooed face of dead came out just INCREDIBLE. Living Hell.



On Tuesday March 5 I've shot with Brian Lister from New York. A great artist who was visiting Arizona for art show exhibits. Hopefully I will show up on one of his future pieces!! Can't wait to post a sample of what we shot together.


On March 6th I met with Ted Hoyt from Canada. We took a nice trip up to Lake Pleasant and found some priceless locations there. We got everything, rocks, trees, grass, sand, water, pebbles... and me :) Had a gat time shooting!


March 7th belonged to Mike Squire and old vintage cars and girls. We had a lot of fun traveling back in time. Shooting in style with old rusty cars and nicely renovated one. Fantastic shoot Mike!!



On March 8th I got to meet with an old friend and photographer Paul Wenzel from California. We did some cool studio stuff together. Enjoyed it as always!


March 9th I baked a delicious raspberry fluffy angel cake from scratch. :) ok that doesn't belong to modeling but it was GOOD. And a nice thick steak with baked potato for dinner, hmm hmm hmm.


And it's Sunday March 10th. Woke up and my laptop shows a different time than my phone, great. What time is it? I don't wanna be late for my shoot!

OK I made it on time :) and had a fantastic shoot with Fred Prose and Kris Frank . Love you guys! Can't wait to show what we created.



And in the morning off to Oklahoma! Flying in one of the smallest planes to wastelands of Lawton. There I met with wonderful  Marshall Threadgill from Silver Shutter. We spent afternoon shooting all kinds of cool setups with backlight, wind and studio stuff. For dinner we had a delicious homemade stew after which I went to bed to recover my energy for the next day. We finished our shoot in the morning with more fun ideas and after noon I went on my way back to the airport with a little buffalo sightseeing detour :).




March 13th My last day in Arizona :( ...for a while. Running errands all day long with my extremely patient friend John Foley :) And getting ready for my lifetime experience. At 1:30PM I am sitting in a local KTVK Channel 3 waiting room, waiting to film my first TV commercial :) After introducing myself to the "new lens" I got soon into my usual ease and after 20 minutes we were done. Success! Dying to see the final cut.



And after some more errands and absolutely fantastic dinner at Moto with John I'm flying back to Europe... and 33 hours of tiring travel later, with not much sleep, getting home to my warm bed.

Like a Mermaid

JUN12 was my very first underwater shoot!  Scott k Photo offered me this extraordinary experience and I was more than hapy to go for it.


Scott has a salt water pool, that is very gentle on eyes, lined up with a black cloth backdrop and a cool housing for his expensive camera. So he was more than ready for the shoot. I, on the other hand, had no experience with this type of photography at all...


We've spent about 4 hours going up and down in the water with each breath. A very thorough excercise! But it was enough time for me to find out how to behave under the water and get comfortable. I must say I was happy that we were in Phoenix, because even though the water was nice 90 degrees warm it happens to be quite cold for extended periods of time. At least I could just climb out of the pool and warm up in 110 :)


The shoot was so much fun that I can only hope I will do more of these!


Here is a little taste of what we acomplished... some more in my portfolio gallery.







Ghost of San Carlos

JUN11 was a day when quite a few people saw a famous ghost of San Carlos in Downtown Phoenix...


We arrived to downtown around 10PM picking just the right day when the city was full of people from some game or convention... :) John brough a special wedding dress, original from 1884. WOW, it was so fragile I was afraid to touch it. So we parked not far from the hotel and John started to dress me properly into the ancient gown right on the parking lot. It must have been a fun sight. Starting with a hoopskirt, petticoat, skirt and finishing with a beautiful top. By the time we were finished I was melting and people were gathering around asking for pictures with a ghost :). For a while we contemplated to just colect tips for the rest of the night but then we got on with our own plans. 


We shot our main goal picture almost at the first try. I managed to look half ghostly and half sharp, no postproduction here... almost floating above the road.



Then we invited ourseleves for a drink to the little bar in the hotel and took some stunning pictures with a local crowd in the background ;). Fabulous nigh as always!!




Lacy Eyes

Jun 9 Andy St Claire saw my experiment with an eyeliner and had to shoot it with me. So we met in his home studio for a shoot. Of course we ended up shooting everything else but my eyes ;) Just kidding.

This is my selfportrait closup though :) Pretty cool, right?... and one of Andy's cool pictures.






Blond Once Again!

Jun 7 I got invited to Paul's mansion again, to act like a cute little blond again :). It is such a fun! I got shorter hair this time, but the haircut quite fit me. See? ;) Now I know why blonds have it so easy.. and they do. Be blond and cute and you can do anything :)

I really enjoy shooting with Paul. It is more about acting and trying to fit with the costumes and themes. This time I had to do my own makeup but it was easy to follow the set standard.






With Alan in Amarillo, TX

To catch up on my posts... I am reall sorry for the delay!



Jun 3 I took an early flight to Amarilo, TX through Denver. Alan and his wife already waited for me at the airport and we took a drive to Canyon. The studio was in a local community center, where I met an amazing makeup artist Kim Wood . We created quite fascinating set of looks with untraditionally for me, sleeked hair. I was really happy I got to shoot with Alan again. His style is so flawless and the light he uses is very flattering.

After our shooting spree we went out for a coffee and then for a dinner in Cracker Barrel. I got a nice late night breakfast :),  and then they deposited me in a beautiful hotel, where I had a time to relax in a hot bath after a long long day and get ready for my morning flight home.

In the morning I was stil hunting for my souvenir magnet, but it was impossible to get any in the little Canyon where we shot so I had to get one in Amarillo later. On my way to the airport Alan was so nice to take me for a little sightseeing and I had a pleasure of marking one of the famous Cadillacs :). The flight home went quite smooth.







Fred and Kristine

I finished the last month with an exceptional shoot! Work with Fred and Kristine is always very satisfying and collaborative on all parts but yesterday it seemed even more than ever.


We all dove into the creative mood of the moment, started with a natural beauty looks at first only to progress into a darker edgier ones. We closed up the evening with a dark angel... I would describe myself as a raven :) When you see the final shots you will understand and you will not believe it could be me.


I always love working with these two, because though some pictures are implied or even nude, they are ALWAYS filled with art and high class...




Carnival in New Orleans

Tuesday May22 was my fun travel day again. I arrived to New Orleans around noon. Elton , already waited for me at the airport and then took me to the gorgeous victorian style home in the Garden District where I met my three model friends  Lacheln , Tangent and Percolate . I got a thorough tour of the mansion, landed in a cute bedroom with a private front porch on the second floor and then dove straight into a shooting process. 


Lacheln my sweet friend, did my hair and makeup, we went for a creepy bridal look :) Mix of sweet whites and deep blacks... we've acheived quite an impresive effect ;). After some shooting we went for a great dinner and walked through the famous Bourbon street. Place where party never dies, so we joined it. We've picked some cool masks in one of the many gift shops and just enjoyed our life :)


Next day May23 belonged all to shooting. Well, to getting reday for shooting anyway ;) This time I went for blues. Lacheln helped me to achieve quite artistic look, so at the end I asked her to autograph my chest for a final touch :) After a very creative afternoon we went out for a dinner and some good-bye night bar hopping... 3AM snack in a prime coffee house Cafe Du Monde with delicious european style donuts. We decided that there is no need to waste our time sleeping in such fun city :) so we returned shortly before leaving to the airport at 5AM.. time to fly back home.







Creative Day

MAY17 showed up to be a very interesting day. I started out getting ready for my video interview with Rockett for his PinUpSouthwest Magazine . On which first issue cover I happend to be. As I am not very skilled with movies it took us 2 hours to shoot 2-minute video.. maybe that's how the movies work :)



After a fun interview with Lisa I continued over to meet my friend photographer John Foley for our regular dose of art. We always wing it and always come up with something spectacular :). And this time was no exeption. We started by cooling down in a pool, since my car is missing an AC, then went for a dinner to talk about our concepts and ideas and when the air cooled down to a comfortable level we started shooting around 9PM and ideas just started to emerge and shape. Another art piece closer to our planned photography art book. Stay tuned for more details!!



Charity event

Saturday the 12th belonged to the children with neurological diseases. Barbara Jean and P. David Adelson held a special fundraising event in their mansion in Scottsdale, an event full of art.


Ivited were between others an amazing artist Alexei Butirskiy  and young singer Oliver Richman.


I was part of the living art mingling around with other models showing dresses from Robert Black and hats from talented Cyndie Turtoro .

The place was full of amazing paintings of some of the best artists I've seen, refreshments and drinks were available on several locations as well as several live music bands performing at diferent parts of the gardens. The program of the evening was embelished by Oliver's singing and a special exhibition of Japanese traditional Geisha drssing ritual...






Whirlwind Dallas Tour

I've cut my Dallas trip short and efficient. Maybe too short :-)


First of all the advice to all travelers. Boycott the Spirit airline. Their luggage prices are criminal and they do NOT honor any credits. I had overpaied on the luggage so they promised me a credit for next time which they completely ignored. Lady next to me was complaining that they credited her a flight ticket and refused to honor that too.


I flew in on Friday MAY4 red eye, got my hotel quite close to the airport so they provided me with an airport shuttle and by the time I got into my room I was so groggy I fell asleep.


MAY5 was my big workshop with Darryl Briggs  and his Glamour Photography Club . Darryl picked me up at my hotel, brought me in his gorgeous villa where I met with his sweet makeup artist Christie Lee . She made quite a pretty model out of me and by the time we were finished the house was full of photographers attending the workshop. We had a great time shooting for about 5 hours on many different sets. And after the workshop one of the attending photographers Allan with his wife invited me and Darryl for nice dinner. Here is few samples... more in my portfolio.




MAY6 was my long day. I had to get up very early to be ready at 7:30 for my first pick up. I had a 3 hour shoot with a great Chicago photographer Johnny Porsche . We've shot together in a very interesting and super modern  Nylo hotel. It was a perfect setting for our fashion/editorial style of shoot...

Johnny brought me back to my room just in time for me to take off my makeup, pack my things and check out. 

And by noon Fang from F-Stop Workshops picked me up and brought me to their beautiful studio, where I've met with Duke Morse  and  Vincent and amazing MUA Walter Fuentes . Walter got me ready for our 3 hour workshop after which I scheduled several one on one shoots with attending photographers and I was busy all the way until 9PM which was the time for me to take a ride back to the airport... and home





Acting with Rockett

Yesterday I finaly got to shoot with Rockett . And it was amazing! We were planning this shoot since November last year :) but the wait was definitely worth it. We had lot of fun and I got to play Napoleon, pirate, soldier, stewardes and even more. Though the four hours we had were not enough... maybe we'll get to finish some ideas next time ;)


Here is a picture with Claire, Rockett's lovely assistant and some first samples of the work we've done. Can't wait to see more!







Week in Las Vegas

APR 12 - 13 and APR 16 - 19

On Thursday I flew to Las Vegas for a shoot with Don -  RogueShot . I got an amazing suite in Palazo next to the Venetian with a beautiful view. I even won $170 in a Black Jack which I playd for a first time ever! What an amazing evening.


On Friday I had my half day shoot that went really great, too. Did lot of experimenting with lights and collaborating on different ideas. We did some really amazing shots which I can't wait to show to you when I get them. And I flew back home in the evening. But wait that is not all :)... more is coming.. later


On Monday I took a second trip... first night spent in Mandalay Bay suite and two nights in Bellagio with a magical view over the big fountain. I found out how it is to have a VIP treatment and learned that I am not suppose to check in with other mortals but in a special little office with refreshment LOL. It was nice to feel like a star for few days. Jump the lines and have fun, saw Fantom of the Opera... OK ok, I was there for shooting. I had couple of very nice shoots and hope I can post some pictures soon!

I wouldn't be mad at all if any other photographers wanted to treat me like this ;)


















Tucson in the Night

Yesterday afternoon I took a drive to Tucson for a special shoot in Westward Look  resort.

When David as  Black Jet  contacted me that he would like to shoot with me while in Tucson in April I didn't have to think twice about it. And I was very glad I spent over two hours in the car to get there to shoot with him. David has a very professional approach and exceptional work etiquette and personality... I would deffinitely recommend David to any model who is contemplating to work with him!


We shot for four hours, had a wonderful time. And before I left we had some talk over a cofee to help my ride back home... the traffic was great... I think I had the whole highway to myself. And at 2AM I was at home in bed :)


Hope to shoot with you again David!



In the gardens of the beautiful resort!

San Diego Trip

Enjoying a wonderful time in San Diego! Had a wonderful shoot with Larry from NC Portraits during the day, wisited a super bead store :), had a delicious dinner in Argentinian resturant and then did some sightseeing...wisiting Coronado for the sunset. Could the day be any better?






Shooting Blondie ;)

On Wednesday I got to shoot with Paul McCreath again. And since Paul is very fond of blonds I got to shoot as a blond too. Here is just few backstage pics I took on my phone... hopefully I'll get some nice samples soon. Blond is cute and very different on me but I think I will keep my dark hair after all :)

My beautiful makeup was done by Erica Smith !







Spring AZSO 2012

I am home from a shooting marathon in Cowtown. Met a bunch of old friends and new faces there and had an amazing and quite productve time! I was booked almost the whole 4 days! Thank you everybody who got to shoot with me I really appreciate that!!!

I shared a room with Shantia great model and a friend of mine, you can check out her new page. We even went for delicious dinner with Jillian  and Gary Christopher. Legendary Charlie's Angels in Melting Pot ;)


At Melting Pot


Me and Tancy camping in front of the ruins of Cowtown ;)


Defending our grounds before Peoria city council LOL. Hopefully we won...


Night Shoot

Last night I've spent shooting with Joe Saadeh from Pics in Design  and makeup artist Sunday. While Sunday did my creative makeup, Joe grilled a delicious Salmon for dinner! Can you believe it? :) Then we had a bite and started with the fashion project. It was so much fun and we made toon of amazing pictues. I truly didn't know which one to choose as a sample here. But this is basicaly straight out of the camera and since Joe is a serious digital artist I can't wait what he'll do with those already amazing pictures. But stay tuned I'll keep you posted!

Yours Brenda


Walking in the Fashion City.

... and the final edit is here


Bentley Shoot

MAR 14th

Dean Farrell from Orcatec asked me to be a model with a gorgeous tuned up Bentley. It was one of those shoots when you don't photograph a beautiful girl with a car but rather a beautiful car with a girl :) But even though we were trying to capture the car from all of the flattering angles and show off all the features we ended up falling into a creative mood of lights and shadows. Loved the whole shoot!!!


In the Shadow of Bentley


Florida Tour

First of all I am very sorry for the delay in my posts. So back to February :).

FEB 17th - FEB 28th was my big transamerican tour. I was traveling from Phoenix through Houston - Orlando - Tampa - Miami - Orlando and back to Phoenix. 5400 miles on the road. Shooting all along the way, Thanks to everybody who booked me and made this trip for me possible!!!


endless I10                                                                                In the comfort of RV!


Infront of and BEHIND the camera too.                                Taking my baby Flash with me.

PocketWizard Webinar

FEB 6th and 7th belonged to PocketWizard Webinar. On Monday we went through all the rehearsals and tuning up the details and Tuesday was my big day of being live on line for about 3 minutes :)


Had to wake up at 5AM!!! which is like midnight for me... take a drive to the city and go through one more rehearsal before the show. Mark was great as always and quite ready to deal with any unexpected difficulty which might come during the broadcast. Which of course there is always something unexpected happening when you don't need it, it is universal law :-)


Dawn in Phoenix...


Waiting for the Show!


And here you can see how it all went...


PocketWizard MiniTT1® & FlexTT5® From the Beginning. Hosted by: Mark Wallace


Belle Femme Boudoir Shoot

Yesterday afternoon I've spent shooting with Tricia Bennet , a great photographer from Canada. We had a fun relaxing time creating romantic boudoir shots in an amazing villa in Scottsdale. Lenea did my makeup and she did an outstanding job too. Making my eyes pop up with my favorite purple colors :) Yey, I really enjoyed this one!!! Can't wait to see the final shots.


Lenea's eye shadow work!



"GUCCI" Final Cut

And here it is! A finished poster and the video from Joseph Lao.





"GUCCI commercial"

Last day of January belonged to the art and advertisement. When Joseph Lao  first contacted me a year ago to help him create an artistic review of Sucker Punch, unfortunately I missed the opportunity. This year it was a short ad clip a la Gucci. Joe is a very talented young photographer and videographer and I was very happy that this time we got a chance to work together. Hopefully I will be able to add a link to the final cut soon. Stay tuned!


Me with Joseph


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