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Truck Grand Prix in Nurburgring 2015

JUN26 - JUN29

I was asked to promote Tankpool24 team at the 30th anniversary Truck Grand Prix Race in Nurburgring in Germany this year. I got to be a body painted model again! :) Some people wear heavy promo suites... I prefer skin tight ;)

With Detlef's sense of humor the long drive from Prague passed by in no-time. We arrived on Friday evening, dropped off some tools at the ring and went to our hotel, which was another 20km drive away in a beautiful Daun town. After such long drive everyone needed some shower and relax time.

Saturday morning was an early wakeup call. Got all ready and prettied up, and after some quick breakfast and few logistic hitches we got to the racetrack at almost 10AM and missed the first race! I was the first one being painted, getting interviewed, fed and pampered back in the garage bay.

I was ready in record two hours and while Detlef, our awesome painter, painted the second model Bara, I got to walk all around the grounds with my young guardian Dety, promoting the team and getting photographed on every step. Since Bara was not done yet I had to go to the second race start alone just with two hostesses. I was not really mad since I got the undivided attention at the whole racetrack :)

Afterwards we got to walk around the grounds with Bara for the rest of the day, having fun and looking pretty. Can there be a better job? We felt like the main attraction and our sponsors seemed very happy.

Working HARD till 6PM I was so tired and hurt I could barely walk. So I was more than pleasantly surprised when the racer Roland, I was promoting, negotiated a very special massage in their "Chirotractor" van for me. I got to lay in their waterbed massage machine with music, aromatherapy, extra oxygen and collagen supply for 15 minutes... getting so high I almost fell on my face flying out of there haha. Afterwards we got hand-washed together with the team trucks ;).

In the evening we were back to the race grounds for more socializing and mingling. We watched the big fireworks and made friends with the other teams.

Sunday morning was even earlier wakeup call... and with special entry permit for our car we were able to start painting at 7:30AM! Bara was the first one today so I grabbed a coffee, little snack from our catering and Dety and went for a "tourist" walk all over the grounds playing tourists.

By the time I got painted it was just the right time for the first race of the day to start.

Amazing event... Exciting feeling walking on a grid right before the race and half naked on top of it? We stirred the grounds feeling perfectly decent in our painted race suits and left with the crowd right before the start.

Spent fun time between the races, walking around and watching people.

And returned to the grid for a second start in the afternoon.

We got to watch the last race from a very good spot running back and forth barefoot... always make sure you are not forced to borrow small shoes... by the time we got in our race stall half of the stuff was already packed up and most people "left the building". Since we didn't have any other help we washed each other in a shower back in the hotel
"no picture documentation :)"

...and went for a delicious dinner in the Italian restaurant in Daun.

Monday was a day off... since we were all the way in Vulkaneifel, we decided to visit some of the very unique volcanic maar lakes in the natural preserve.

We stopped by the castle which was as every Monday closed :( and continued to pay a very special visit to the famous drag-race driver Gerd Habermann. Who was so nice as to show us all of his one of a kind race vehicles from the fastest american school buss, Jet Car "Dragon Hunter", Jet Bike all the way to the bike prototype with a real NASA rocket engine in it!! I got to sit in few rare pieces myself.

And then was time to say good by and finish our drive home.

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