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T. A. Tour II. California

Los Angeles


And back to the airport on AUG 23. Sitting next to my new fan :) going to LA! I decided to rent a car, what a silliness to do in LA, but I didn't get a lift for two of my shoots...well. After getting through all of the formalities, commotions and traffic I got to the awesome restaurant up at Van Nuys Airport 94th Aero Squadron around 10PM. Meeting witm my friend photographer Paul for a great dinner. I was lucky, they were nice enough to let me order so late, because by the time I arrived the kitchen was closing down. 

And then looking for my Base in the middle of the night in a completely new city was an adventure too. But I made it, and arrived around 1:30 AM on the doorstep of my host up in Burbank area.


Saturday 24th was my first LA shoot, in the morning on the opposite side of the city in Riverside. Shooting with KDBron and Neal Hayden in a gorgeous villa. We had such fun that it was hard to quit in the afternoon, but our host had to leave and as it showed up, he took me for a ride with him. So I ended up going all the way to Laguna Beach for a beach shoot with Rey Sison where we met with another model and David Falk from Canada I was trying to schedule a shoot for the past two years. What a coincidence!! I was excited to shoot on the beach... oh was I disappointed. The sky was gray, the fog was almost reaching the ground and it was COLD COLD COLD! But we had fun nevertheless and made some amazing shots. By the time we got back to Rey's house and I drove back to my Base it was way after midnight again.





The next day AUG 25 I didn't have to drive, luckily. I was picked up and driven all the way to Joshua Tree NP. What a road trip! Me and another model were having a workshop or more like a group shoot. It was organized by EG Photography Of course the weather was teasing me again. When we reached the first beautiful boulder valley the strong cold wind started bringing in black heavy clouds. Very dramatic background for shooting though :)


When we got to our second location... pile of the boulders that formed almost a cave it was raining. Cold and rain was the worst possible conditions for my recently passed bad flu... I was shivering but I tried my best to stay professional.

The last location of the day was a desert with few boulders sticking up... We were even lucky enough we got a gorgeous sunset with a rainbow. But my self control started slipping as I was getting seriously cold and blue. Didn't get much opportunity to warm up. So towards the end I resigned and was shooting in my sweater or dress :) It was not worth it to get sick again.

On Monday 26th Jimmy Thomas the owner of RNC picked me up and took me for his shoot. It was a great experience. Maybe little typical for the fast pace of the big city. I can only hope that in such rushed hi strung environment, listening to all the details and directions I was looking relaxed and romantic in the arms of total stranger :) I can't wait to see some sample!! Jimmy was nice enough to take me for a quick dinner and brought me back to my place. This time just before I turned into a pumpkin.


My next shoot was on 28th and I drove for it all the way down to Newport Beach. After a close to 2-hour drive I got to my destination even ahead of time and met with Napoleon. Since I was staying at his place overnight to have it closer to the airport in the morning we took it slow. We went for a dinner, did some sight seeing of the beautiful complex with the bay view and then shot for few hours.


In the morning I had to leave early to return my car and catch my plane on time back to Phoenix.


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