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Shooting with Brad the Genius

JAN 20 / 2017


I had a great opportunity to meet with Brad Hochberg, creative director, visiting Prague for work related to the new american TV series called Genius.


After Brad was done with his duties, he filled his free time with sightseeing and some time with Brendaseeing and shooting :). He brought a whole collection of all kinds of cameras and lenses, including some rare collectors pieces, so we had what to do for half a day :) And I don't even know if we tried them all. We had a cool time exploring and experimenting with differnet setups and effects. The apartment was one of the best in Prague, decorated with attention to detail, offering many attractive sets.


When we were done shooting, the day was clear though very cold, we went for a short walk and a nice Czech lunch.

I can't really wait to see what artful pieces Brad comes up with and shares with me. Looking forward to show you!


Here is one of the firsts...




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