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Prague a Shooting Paradise

29 Jul 2013

I headed for Prague airport to meet my very successful photographer and friend John Foley. He arrived at least and last :) I was almost wondering if he missed the connection, because all of the other passangers and planes alredy left.  And after the happy reunion we left to our first destinnation.


We stopped in front of the Radisson Blu Alcron and went for the check in. We got greeted very nicely and the receptionist started apologizing almost immediately that our requested room with the balcony is not ready yet. Hmmm... room with balcony? OK :) We never mentioned we never requested such a benefit. So we just played our parts and decided to do some sightseening in meantime. We got almost unexpectedly drenched with a massive storm and ran back in the hotel. Our suite was already prepared, at the very top of the hotel right in the middle above the sign. Wow, even better than presidential suite! After closing our mouths we went for a delicious dinner at hotel's bar.


Roof walker across the street from our hotel


30 Jul 2013

We slept in a little. Took a taxi up to the beautiful Prague Castle, walked through the gardens and did some scouting for the shooting locations. There were endless corners and sights to pick from! Then we walked down the ancient stairs down to the city, crossed the beautiful Charles Bridge, passed the famous old Astronomical Clock, went up the Vaclav Square back to our hotel. 

Did some sexy latex shoot in the evening and went back to the bar. What a life of a model :)




31 Jul 2013 - Pink Day

After sleeping in and nice continental breakfast we went straight into a shooting mode. 

We started with the beautiful pink dress. John even talked the management of the hotel into offering us a presidential suite for couple hours of shoot... of course gratis... Amazing. And ton top of it  we found out that our suite is much nicer, just a bit smaller :)

Then we did some street and night shooting and in the evening we celebrated our successful day with a delicious drink.


Brenda Kucerova   Brenda Kucerova   Brenda Kucerova


1 Aug 2013 - Prague Castle Day

A big outdoor shooting trip at the Castle. Since we already scouted the area we knew exactly where to go and as expected there was nobody around. We picked this secluded place in the gardens, where you have to take plenty of stairs going down... that's why there was nobody there haha.

It was such a beautiful sunny hot day... the original idea was to shoot in latex, but I think I would be cooked by now.




To bring a little variety into the stay we moved to another hotel in the afternoon. This time we got our taxi to take us to hotel Boscolo.


We arrived a bit early again, and as we walked into the lobby I immediately knew I was out of place. The front desk resembled more of a beautiful decorated antiquity and everybody was fussing around us. When we started getting bunch of apologies and vouchers we got suspicious but when we learned that the hotel overbooked and we had to be "unfortunately" upgraded into a presidential suite we were speechless. They needed couple more hours to prepare the rooms so we just went for a walk and explored their spa. Amazing complex in the former cellars under the hotel. The water was exactly my :)


John wanted me to shoot latex around the hotel. The outfit was very elegant and beautiful, but I just couldn't make myself to go public at such hi-class place. So after booking into our suite I took pictures of everything, then we stopped for a royal dinner and then I fell asleep. I guess John would be pretty angry if he missed this shoot :). So I woke up around 1AM, put on nice makeup, did my hair, dressed in my outfit and went to quietly wake him up. He almost jumped up :D




We shot all around the hotel, at this hour it was deserted. I had my first cigar of my life in a cigar bar.. not bad :), we even got down into the eerie spa corridor, where we were surprised by a guard. It was enough to say we are in the room 107... amazing what a number can do ;). I think it was around 4AM when we returned to our suite and went to our beds.


2 Aug 2013

I had a day off. Went to meet with my BF at the train station, impressed him with our suite... They even gave us extra bed for him as a hotel courtesy. I had no idea how rich people get treated. No wonder... they get half off everything lol.

Then we went to do little sightseeing and had a wonderful lunch in a beautiful caffe, where I fell in love with a painting on the wall. Really fell in love. It was by Abbie Puskailer.

In the afternoon I did a lovely shoot in a suite jacuzzi and after a "pizza" dinner went to sleep in a 5 star hotel :)


3 Aug 2013

John was shooting with another model in the morning and when she left we went for one experimental shoot. We collaborated on the outfit and styling, I did a fitting makeup and we used our hotel stay all the way with an overtime :)

But at last we had to leave... And finish our fairytale stay.

Of course we had to stop for lunch, so we took John into the Caffe we discovered a day earlier. The food was delicious and afterward I couldn't stop myself and bought my favorite painting!! Which I used later as an inspiration for this shoot... Makeup and hair by me :)




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