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Like a Mermaid

JUN12 was my very first underwater shoot!  Scott k Photo offered me this extraordinary experience and I was more than hapy to go for it.


Scott has a salt water pool, that is very gentle on eyes, lined up with a black cloth backdrop and a cool housing for his expensive camera. So he was more than ready for the shoot. I, on the other hand, had no experience with this type of photography at all...


We've spent about 4 hours going up and down in the water with each breath. A very thorough excercise! But it was enough time for me to find out how to behave under the water and get comfortable. I must say I was happy that we were in Phoenix, because even though the water was nice 90 degrees warm it happens to be quite cold for extended periods of time. At least I could just climb out of the pool and warm up in 110 :)


The shoot was so much fun that I can only hope I will do more of these!


Here is a little taste of what we acomplished... some more in my portfolio gallery.







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