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Ghost of San Carlos

JUN11 was a day when quite a few people saw a famous ghost of San Carlos in Downtown Phoenix...


We arrived to downtown around 10PM picking just the right day when the city was full of people from some game or convention... :) John brough a special wedding dress, original from 1884. WOW, it was so fragile I was afraid to touch it. So we parked not far from the hotel and John started to dress me properly into the ancient gown right on the parking lot. It must have been a fun sight. Starting with a hoopskirt, petticoat, skirt and finishing with a beautiful top. By the time we were finished I was melting and people were gathering around asking for pictures with a ghost :). For a while we contemplated to just colect tips for the rest of the night but then we got on with our own plans. 


We shot our main goal picture almost at the first try. I managed to look half ghostly and half sharp, no postproduction here... almost floating above the road.



Then we invited ourseleves for a drink to the little bar in the hotel and took some stunning pictures with a local crowd in the background ;). Fabulous nigh as always!!




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