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Creative Day

MAY17 showed up to be a very interesting day. I started out getting ready for my video interview with Rockett for his PinUpSouthwest Magazine . On which first issue cover I happend to be. As I am not very skilled with movies it took us 2 hours to shoot 2-minute video.. maybe that's how the movies work :)



After a fun interview with Lisa I continued over to meet my friend photographer John Foley for our regular dose of art. We always wing it and always come up with something spectacular :). And this time was no exeption. We started by cooling down in a pool, since my car is missing an AC, then went for a dinner to talk about our concepts and ideas and when the air cooled down to a comfortable level we started shooting around 9PM and ideas just started to emerge and shape. Another art piece closer to our planned photography art book. Stay tuned for more details!!



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