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FEB / 2017

...And they are back. My calendars have returned, in a LIMITED edition of 50 pieces only, but in two versions...

colorful Glam and black and white Art nudes.


This year calendars are dedicated to the great Canadian photographer Jim Devonshire.

These are in full color/ B&W, 25x38cm, 13 beautiful large pages, some with yet unpublished photographs! Plus you can get your copy signed by me! $16.99 USD + shipping

Grab yours while the supplies last! I know it is February already but, hey, I believe they won't be kept just for one year.

Inquire HERE. Paypal payments accepted.

Yours Brenda

Shooting with Brad the Genius

JAN 20 / 2017


I had a great opportunity to meet with Brad Hochberg, creative director, visiting Prague for work related to the new american TV series called Genius.


After Brad was done with his duties, he filled his free time with sightseeing and some time with Brendaseeing and shooting :). He brought a whole collection of all kinds of cameras and lenses, including some rare collectors pieces, so we had what to do for half a day :) And I don't even know if we tried them all. We had a cool time exploring and experimenting with differnet setups and effects. The apartment was one of the best in Prague, decorated with attention to detail, offering many attractive sets.


When we were done shooting, the day was clear though very cold, we went for a short walk and a nice Czech lunch.

I can't really wait to see what artful pieces Brad comes up with and shares with me. Looking forward to show you!


Here is one of the firsts...




A Short Horror Clip

JAN 10 / 2017


It was a very bad winter this year... some days even -20C. Today was maybe 10 below freezing. And I agreed to have a little side role in a short horror movie/clip. I was to be a sexy ghost secretary :) I was brought to the set at 6PM, because the shoot was taking place outside the city in an abandoned research institute during the night. When I arrived it was already getting dark and the place looked quite menacing. This 3-story building with a total maze of various rooms and crooked hallways was full of stuff left behind like when you evaporate all the employees at once, and leave everything intact for 10 years. Layers of dust, open books and papers on the desks, coats on the hangers, dusty Christmas ornaments hanging on a dead tree. Calendars everywhere stopped in December 2008. Overturned cabinets, broken glass and the mess were probably caused by the occasional uninvited visitors.


The electricity was flickering in the dark long coridors, tiled in pink tile. One couldn't stop thinking what could have been going on here... what was the research? Some tiled rooms with glass walls looked really creepy... The freezing breeze was moving through. I was getting cold already, so I went to find the source and peeked through several doors. One opened to a crazy little room with a brick wall and a huge hole in it, a fireplace? I closed the door quickly tight so the wind couldn't get past this room and went back to find our retreat... the only heated place in this building was a walk in freezer.. great idea guys. It was well insulated so turning on a little spaceheater inside worked miracles. As the temperature in the building was about 5 degrees above freezing (which I think was highly overestimated) everyone was looking for this retreat every possible moment.



The catering was setup very conveniently on top of the dangerous waste disposal freezer (who knows what was once stored in there...) but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying all kinds of treats and snacks. The crew consisted of cameraman and his assistant, sound girl and her assistant, director, clap, two prop guys, two male actors and me.




My first shot was scheduled at 9PM, but as is with all moviemaking everyhing got delayed and I had to wait till 11PM to make my first appearance as a ghost. I was playing a secretary in a white shirt and a black miniskirt... had to take of my coat shortly before the camera started rolling and then jump back in it right after the first take. It was literally freezing. We did several takes in these trying conditions, untill I got the right skincolor for a ghost and when the result was satisfactory I ran back into our warm retreat.



I am sorry I couldn't have enjoyed more of the action, but the cold took me off guard and probably combined with tiredness pretty immobilized me. My next shot was supposed to be at 1AM but it moved over to 4AM. By that time I was pretty done :) I was a walking zombie. Standing in a moonlit room, flipping through some paperwork, waiting for a male guard to come by. One spaceheater on in front of me, one behind me :) trying to thaw me... Due to the time pressure we had to ommit my last shot, which I think is missing in the short movie, but there was no more time in the night left. We had to be done and out by 6AM...


Here is the link to the final cut.

Bodypainting for ISUZU

NOV / 2016

It was fun to work with Detlef Potch again. He had to really really try to convince me to get naked in November :) but he did and fortunately everything went well. Even better than expected. The exhibit center was surprisingly nicely heated and we had a great time showing off the brand. Pictures by great Martina Wiesner.

Detlef did as usually a top class work, paying attention to every detail... and to my little requests like long sleves so I would be warmer.



After the painting was done, we did some real work like gave away some donuts, ate some, dirtied up some busses.. and some suits... :)


...and of course walked around the exhibit taking pictures with everyone and everything around :) FUN day as always. Thank you!


First time in Dresden

JUNE / 2016


...was my big Dresden tour. On this trip I visited mainly Dresden for the first time in my life and was impressed by this gorgous historical city. City witch such painful history. Staying right in the center I used all my free time to walk around taking pictures of the sights. The weather was quite rainy but it made the pictures only more dramatic and interesting.



After few days spent here we continued by car to explore the beauty of Saxon Switzerland. Of course I couldn't miss such an opportunity!! In Hohnstein we caught this fantastic fog pouring through the valey, just waiting for count Dracula to appear. We climbed up to Koningstein, exploring this huge fortress high on the mountain. We walked across the Bastei bridge. This super old stone structure up in the rocks with leftover ancient fortress.




And on the Czech side of the park I got rained on in Hřensko :) we caught about 3 hour window in a rainstorm just in time to climbe up to see Pravčická brána, natural stone bridge. We took a hike in Jetřichovice, but this time we got chased by heavy rain in the middle of the climb... Absolutely magical area. Kind of forgotten land with historical buildings of which many are nicely restored and many are showing a big dent of time, deserted and left as they were dozens years ago. All set in a wild landscape of woods, rocsk and meadows. WOW I hope I will get there again.






On the way to Prague we also stopped to see our famous Panská skála (rock formation) that appeared in several movies and ferytales. And right after the return to Prague I got an opportunity to shoot together with Anetta and Dominika the "Three Gracies" shot. Which I think came out just LOVELY!



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